The Legacy Contineu Part One  

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A friend of mine aboard to China and left me wef a legacy to fulfill. It only started with 3 people and now ends up with group of more then 10. Hmmm... I’ve wondering my self, banyak juga kali nie ahhh? Maybe there will be more people joining after this... Hahaha.

You maybe wonder what nonsense I’m talking now. Its actually about my journey of discovering places & nature. A never ending leisure trip started with Dr. Kline (Founder), Mr. Jay & me. There have already been so many trips and normally it starts with a question Ada beranie ka tonite?”
Is that a challenge kinda question or just some kind of invitation? Hahahaha

This month, it’s already been 3 weekends in a row I went out to camp and this time is the largest number I had in the trip. All of us were me, Grace, Jay, Albert, Elicia, Chin, Wai Yu, CJ, Ah Fan, Katty, Max, Jane, Nicolla and the other half. Our meeting point is somewhere Selayang at 9.30pm waiting for everybody to come but Albert a lil bit late coz sesat jalan. Then we start our trip to Hulu Tamu hot spring, near Batang Kali, Selangor for bathing & sweating and we reach about 11pm. We spend 1.30 hour there berendam kasi masak talur for guys and kasi masak apa kalu pompuan? Hahahaha.

Then after that, we continue our journey to Sungai Kedondong also nearby. There we start our camping activities. It’s rainy that moment so we can’t do much just lepaks, BBQ and guitar under the pondoks. Dopey was expecting we do some unggun api but hujan la sis, better luck next project kay… about 4 am we jump in to the cold high land water. So cold until Mr. Jay couldn’t feel his balls. Hahaha. That day,I can consider that Katty was the first lady to jump into the water after the guys.

L/R: Ah Fan, Katty, Albert, Elicia, CJ, Chin, Grace, Jay, Wai Yu, Nicola & half (sorry bro..lupa nama), Jane, Max & me yang duduk..

I placed the picture for you to enjoy in the slide show...

What Makes Me?  

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What make me a man?
Is it my origin?
Is it the way I comes to life?
I don’t think so.
It's not how I start one thing.
But how I decide to end them.