Nite Time Robery  

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I just can’t understand how some people so desperate to earn something easily by robbing other? Why these people so dare to find a shortcut and act stupid? If I were this people, I would definitely go for something big like robbing bank or kidnapping George Bush and demand huge ransom or what so ever as long it something big.

Today, I reached home at 10.00pm from playing Futsal at The Shooter, Jalan Sentul. So, as I reach my neighborhood at Cheras, KL, I saw lot of pupils standing downstairs and 6 petrol cars on standby. I guess there must be something terrible happen coz why they need to be so many petrol cars rite? As I stepping out from my car then a lady came near me and asks;

Adik duduk tingkat berape? Huhuhu… Do I look like some adik to you lady? Maybe my look’s still young and cute..hahaha… sempat lai perasan bah. Okay, continue story.
Me: I duduk tingkat tige, nape kak? Nape banyak sangat kete polis malam nie? Orang gaduh ker? Bunuh diri ker?
Lady: Ade orang pecah umah!
Me: Tingkat berape kak?
Lady: Dengar cite tinggat 7! Tapi pelik nape polis tue duduk kat sini je? Nape tak kawal due tangge belah yg sane tue? Kalau akak yang jadik pencuri tue, dah lame akak lepas ikut tangge belah sane.
Me: Buat2 bodo sambil angguk2 kepala cam paham jak la..haha. Lucky me, my house at the third floor.
Lady: Hmm…kalau nak mencuri tue tunggu la hari siang mase sume orang kuar gi keje. Nie malam bute mase orang dah balek umah. Bodoh tul le pencuri tue, takde skolah!!


I somehow a lil disappointed coz as I observed; there’s really no unity around the communities. The police only duduk
(doing nothing) like what the lady said and talking in their cell phone, really unproductive. Where is the thief? Are they managed to escape? Did the police succeed knocking the thief? No answer! Just suddenly the crowd went home one after another. So, is this the end for tonite story? So upset man… No happy ending from the police. Well, this is the fact for Malaysian.
For the uneducated thief! I have only one word for ya… GET A JOB!

My Bad...!!  

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today, i've done some stupid things. just imagine i came about 11.00am to office due to malas bangun which i done that often..haha.. then only 1 hour to warm my sit then there was a contractor friend invite me to have lunch.. well, since somebody really tend to treat me for lunch.. why not?? it's all free what? so, as he also invite another colleague of mine then we went to "Collesium Restaurant" just nearby to the Indian Collesium and 5 minute walk from KWSP Complex KL... for those who familiar wef KL town sure you know where it is rite?

so, as we done our lunch. this contractor friend said
"I nak gi jumpe girlfriend i dulu lee, nanti kat sana boleh lee u all berkenalan ngan kawan2 die yg lain". since we all followed his car from the very begining, then everybody terpaksala ikut kan... nda pasal2 nanti kana naik teksi balik opis... kuyaks oo... hahaha. then he drove to Lorong Haji Taib 1. nie kawasan pondan nie?? TIDAKKKKKKKKK!!! don't tell me you bring us to see PONDANN'S. he said, no... my gf is working somewhere there as a hair stylist.. ooooooowww. so we went to these 1 hair saloon at 1st floor and theres a sign KEDAI GUNTING RAMBUT SHANGRILA. so, as we went in then jeng x3... OMG... it is a hair saloon after all wef some bar & karaoke... hahaha... "you got us all my friend". we're all in already and seeing around then there's a lady came and greet us... "hii, nak gunting rambut ker? kalau tak gunting pun mari le kite nyanyi2 lagu" the girl is actually the contractor gf and bermulalah sorita Pembabtisan...

from the 1st bottle of beer, then 2nd, then the 3rd and so it goes... singing, loughting, peaching, cheering glasses. then another question asked
"hey guy's! you want some lady to company you?" me, like usual... Noooooo... then the rest pun ikut say no... apala derang kawan2 sa nie? kalo mau tue cakap ja la mau... nie mo malu2 lagi kunun... no harm if you guy's need a girl company what! i just comfortable wef my self and the microphone... as the contractor bz wef the gf, me and my colleague bz wef the beer's & microphone... 4.30pm already, then "SHIT", it's late man... so, i asked the contractor friend to bring us back to the office. my colleague pun da paning2, mo balik opis lagi? ada juga yg kana pancung oleh boss nie.. hahaha.

just a moral from this story is... next time drive your own car if goin to such places, so it easy to ran away. but remember 1 thing;
"DON'T DRINK & DRIVE". kalo accident, don't ever mention my name.. hahaha... sorry, my bad.. lalalalalalala

Kengkaru Tagged Me..!!!  

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This morning I've been tagged by my best buddy Kengkaru_Kong . So, since Saturday I'm in office and singaja buat2 bodo then sa layan sija laaa..hehe.. 1...2...Gooo!!

Question 1:What were you doing 5 years ago?
I'm still somewhere around planet earth that moment, let me think 1st. hmmm.. I was working as a boss and oso a kuli at PTPL's Associates SB. So hard to tell whether I'm da boss or da kuali. hahaha...

Question 2:What were the 5 things on your to do list today?

  1. Today is Saturday...I suppose to sleep till 5pm, but Mr. Jay call for brunch.
  2. Waiting for a call from....???
  3. Waiting for Dopey to sms me for dinner at her house..yeahhhhaaa....dapat makan free nie ari....
  4. Doing report for next week.. which i hate the most...
  5. Hmmm..buat2 bodo coz I'm alone in office..
Question 3:What are the 5 snacks that you enjoy?
Telling you the truth..I had none in my list coz seldom eat snacks coz mimang seldom la...But if you insist..hmm
  1. Cheese cracker...
  2. Cheese snacks..all kind...
  3. Cheese cakes...
  4. Cheese burger...
  5. Cheeeeeeeeese.....nyum...nyum...nyum...
Why don't you ask me about alcohol i drink? Surely i present you more..hahahaha
Question 4:What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
  1. Kalo sa billionaire aaa? Tiap2 ari sa tukar kurita... nie ari pakai Perdana, bisuk pakai Waja, lusa pakai Pesona, tulat pakai Wira, lepas tulat apa aaa..?? ok. kulat pakai Kansil, lepas kulat..hmmm... kay, bulat pakai Roller Blade K2 ja pi opis..Bili la barangan buatan Malisia wakakaka...
  2. Sa bili balik tue pulau Lobuan kalo sa tul2 billionaire... kawan2..sepa2 yg sukung sa.. sa blanja kamurang minum sampai pingsan..cakap sija pa yg kamurang mo...
  3. Pastue sa pi masuk meminang tue anak sepa tue..??..ahakss.. ko suru la beliau ko kunu2 minta antaran banyak2.. minta la 5 juta ka??... 10 juta ka??... sa bili beliau ko trus oooo.. hahaha.. lepas kawin buat anak banyak2.. kira ngam2 la 24 urang kan..?? sesuai ngan tue bas yg 24 sitter.. buli buat da 2 MySabahTeam.. kasi ganti tue MyTeam yg skarang tue.. hahaha..
  4. Ada kawan sa saturang nie pla mo minta sponser pi melancong kunu so da minta sponser tuk da pakai shoping.. Buli Ba Kalo Ko!! Jangan cakap shoping sija.. sa kasi bili lai ko tikit kapal terbang dari ruma ko tuk pi pasar ikan sana kikie.. kalu harga ikan jalak sana mahal.. kestau sa sija.. sa trus kasi ko tikit pi mana2 la.. janji tue ikan jalak mura2..ieeeee...billionaire yg luki..
  5. Kalo KL ada KLCC, sa buat lai 1 sana KK = KKCC merangkap HQ, Cawangan pla.. PenampangCC, PutatanCC, InanamCC, MenggatalCC, TalipokCC, TamparuliCC, TuaranCC, KBCC, RanauCC, SandakanCC, PaparCC, TawauCC, SipitangCC, BeaufortCC, TenomCC.. Janji suma daerah ada CC laah.. Jan sija tue om lang nanti Apa CC?? suda mo mati..!! lol
Question 5: What are 5 jobs you've had?
  1. Tukang serve beer's di F1 Cafe back at Kuching.
  2. Jadi Mandur sana PPB OIL PALM, Sandakan.
  3. Sales Exe jual berus gigi sana Metrolink Ent Putatan.
  4. Jadi Boss kunu sana PTPL Associates Sembulan.
  5. Current here in KL as Forest Conservator & Dog's Lover. Cam la sini nie banyak utan lai mo di jaga. hahaha
Sorry buddy, I'd answer your tagged with my mumbling nonsense.. hahaha. You know me more better than that.. Anyway, hope these answer your question kay buddy.. So, the next 5 more people to tagged is;

1. Si Cai - Buddy
2. Pelangis - Ladies
3. Bobby - Blogger friend
4. Gurangak - Long lost buddy
5. Elain - Blogger friend

I'm Taking It Head On  

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My chest has peaked. The thought has begun it's descent. The smiles will slowly dim until I'm in silent again. The story of my life: its tough time baby. I'm all set.

The love of my life is going away. It depresses me. It scares me. It's weird you know how I'm so attached to this girl that I feel when she's not around, there's nothing to look forward to. It's like my whole time revolved around her and now suddenly the thought of her leaving makes me feel empty. And I'm so in love with this girl I can't even believe it. Believing that love will really makes things wonderful. What I wish is that when she's not around so I'll learn to live without seeing her and talk to her often. But maybe I can learn. Maybe we both learn to bear the distance, and still keep love alive in us. Maybe it will make us stronger. That's what I hope. Just maybe…

Talking to friend of mine that I realized that love doesn't necessarily have to be constructive. It can bring a terrible consequence. Love can break friendships, it makes you down or lead you to give up. I don't know, it’s just so hard to be on the receiving side from a painful relationship, because I found someone who means the world to me. But it isn't the same for everyone is it? Maybe my turn is around the corner?

I can't agree with the words, love sucks so don’t fall in to love because it's so beautiful. But in the same time, I also can't disagree to say love is always a joyride. It's not. Love demands a trust. And so, as I found a lil thing that scare me, tire me, irritate me, I knew that it's time for me to get ready for it. I'm taking it head on, without fear.

The Legacy Continue Part Three  

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This week I’m away from da office. Surely I’m out for outstation work to few places this month. below are the supposed schedule i need to follow... Hahahahaha
  • Monday - Kuala Lipis & Kuala Medang, Pahang.
  • Tuesday - Tekai Tembeling & Jerantut, Pahang.
  • Wednesday - Merapoh, Pahang.
  • Thursday - Gua Musang, Kelantan.
  • Friday - Journey back to KL.
The whole week was so exhausted & tiring coz my outstation trip this time is to verify all the project equipment purchased by the contractor's. I'm enjoying my trip but somehow somethin pissed me off during my outstation work. My colleague from another section which oso goin out wef me owez late. Meaning they makin me wait for half to an hour to show their faces. After they make me bebulu waiting then givin me a thousand & unexceptional reasons. For situation like these all the scary words will automatically burst out from my mouth and if you're really there hearing me that moment I'm sure that you'll only wish to dig your own grave! Hahaha.. Jahat ooo kan saa.

I'm not sayin that I'm punctual but for outstation work I'll normally try to settle & wrapped everything
ASAP so i can go to the next location witout any delay. The fastest i finished my work mean the soonest i have a break for the day.Last wednesday, after finished my work at Jerantut, I let my colleague drove my car to the next location at Merapoh, Pahang. So, i had a short nap in the car. Just when i opened my eyes, i noticed that the placed is so unfamiliar for me, Golok's, Narathiwat, South Thailand... Hahaha!!! My friend kidnapped me... NoooOooOoo.. In my life I'd never think of going there you know. I was thinkin about riffle, machine guns, pistols, bombs and many more which can happen to me anytime. Maybe I'm to much watching the TV3 News. I'm so scared but i still acting cool. Then my colleague called up his local friend there and we met up at one restaurant. I was surprised when few people came to our table and shack hand wef me and oso my colleague then i assume that they were friends. Cut the crap, everything was fine that evening then those locals friend helped us to check in to Marina's Hotel.The locals friend giving us a different room and I'm thinking that I'd better just have a rest that evening in my hotel room. 10 minute before midnite my colleague woke me up and ask me to change coz we're goin out. I'm a 1st timer there so i just follow laaa... I thought they're goin out for supper but the lift stopped at 2nd floor then i heard a loud techno's music from the corner. OMG... they bought me to a techno club. Telling you the truth, I passed my clubbing life in peninsular long time ago. The only place I'm out for nitelife is when I'm back to my hometown where the beer's was so cheep. Hahaha... So here i am, layan sija la all the beer on the table while ada orang blanja. I dunno what they put inside the drink coz it really feel different.

Then another story comin in, the locals friend pushed 1 pretty hot chick for me... I was blur for a minute. I was thinking what I'm goin to do wef this lady... I'm not a womenizer nor one nite stand kinda person??? I'm pissed coz i didn't expect for this!!! Then i got an idea!! Why don't i just push all da drink to this girl till drunk... evil..evil..evil..wakakakaI felt guilty for what I'm doin you know. So I'd told my colleague & locals friend i was drunk for an excuse so they may allow me to go back to my room and I'm succeed.
oooo Yeahhhhhhhh... So i left the girl wef the rest of the crowd and I'm out to the restaurant at 1st floor have some coffee... Then when I'm goin back to my room to close my chapter for the day, once again my locals friend giving me 1 surprise Shittttt!!! they send me the drunken lady from the club... They said I'm responsible for her... What should i do? The girl is already laying drunk down on my bed. Where should i sleep tonite? I was thinking to go somewhere else but 3.00am, and thinking for tomorrow work some more. .. So I end up sleeping on the couch that nite... Thank you guy's for your hospitality!!!

Early that morning i woke my colleague so we can continue our journey to Gua Musang, Kelantan & Merapoh, Pahang to finish my work. The drunken girl still asleep and i just packed my things and left, waitin for my colleague at the hotel lobby. In the car i was so quiet thinkin of last nite. I appreciate the nite experience drinking in Golok, Narathiwat but i regret for the girl's part.
JUST NOT MY STYLE. I manage to finished all my work at both places Gua Musang, Kelantan & Merapoh, Pahang then i drove back to KL that evening so i had one day extra for rest.

Friday rise and i called my buddy for brunch and askin him da same usual question
"Ada Branie Ka Tonite?" sure ada punya maaa... And some more I'd promised Grace, Vincy, Feisal, Ai Lee, Hock Sien and Hui Jinn to bring them out for camp at Sungai Chilling, Kuala Kubu Bharu. So i went to pasar and bought some raw chiken for us to BBQ loorr... Unlucky for Hui Jinn couldn't come last minute coz high fever... But it's okay, there's owez another time for you my friend. Friday nite out and Saturday Jungle Tracking... Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... This is more fun compare to clubbing. I felt really enjoy doing this. Ai Lee & Hock Sien confess that this trip is their 1st camping experience. Grace & Vincy used to track at Chilling but that nite is da 1st camp there. No harm and I'm not surprised coz everybody had their 1stimer in anything rite guy's? So the nite is done and the next day all of us goin for tracking. Hahaha...I've took lot and lot of picture this time.. So you can enjoy the Slide The Legacy Part Three. Cheers...Sunday - Like usual (me go pray maa)

The Legacy Continue Part Two  

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Another week has passed and here I am again, doin something that you can guess your self. Yeah, I’m out again but this time I’m all by my self. Tracking the Chilling River to the water fall alone is not really bad because I can spend my quality moment wef the nature. My buddy told me that it very dangerous walking around the jungle without any friend but I just proof him. I guess he maybe envy me coz I had my joy… hahaha.. len kali ikut la “kalu ada branie” sa nie on sija. But to tell you the truth I’m a lil bit lonely juga la coz nobody to chaa. I’ll bring the whole crowd next time kay bro... Promise aaa...

I started my slow and fearless kinda kura-kura racing skill to Kuala Kubu Bharu, Hulu Selangor when the matahari is already on top of me. Sampai sana lebi kurang jam 2.00pm la. Then pack my gear from the boot then up… up… on the way… yeah. I thought only a few people goin for the jungle tracking that day but once I opened da guest book to register my name… OMG, I saw only three full page of name written in it. Only huh… seemed not really much. Hahahaha… I wondered why so much name but where did they go? Who cares! I only wanna kill my time alone in the wild.

How to describe my trip to Chilling River? Hmmm… the location is about 70km away from Kuala Lumpur toward Fraser Hill and 15 minute drive from Kuala Kubu Bharu town. Once you reach the Chilling Fish Sanctuary, you will take another 45 minute to 1 hour journey from the entrance to the water fall. It’s not really far actually for only 3 kilometer wef a jungle trail to guide you all the way.

When evening awakes me from my smile I realized it already 4.40pm and it’s time for me to go back. I was thinking what to do next but couldn’t think any. So I just drove my car back to KL laaa… but I stopped by the dam coz the view is so damn nice. Another friend asked me if my trip was so interesting? I said hell yeah! I had my time and I’ve taken a few brilliant lucky shoot which I felt I hit the jackpot. Though the skies are not really bright cause by da haze but still I’m da luckiest.

Enjoy the slide of
The Legacy Part Two