Day 14, 31.12.2008. Went to Bingkor, Keningau once again as i promised those BBKK's friend to spending the eve new year wef lot and lot of boost. But DARN!!! this time my car really failed me. I have to call for a rescue mission this time but the night continue as planned.
 As my car smoked at the road side
 I still reached to my destination...
 As the crowd waited for the bell's of 2009
A welcome drink's
 Make money time for 2009 expenses.
 The calling for head banging...
 Here i am, which already half drunk
 And Leo's waiting for the Poco-Poco
The decease of Parkinson lips...
  Cheering for the moon...
Couch in action... Kline poisoning the grass...

Day 15, As my car parked at the road side all night. I had to call for an expert for help. Lucky me once again coz there's only 1 lot opened that day. So as we waited for my car to be fix, we just having a joyride around town for jalan-jalan cari makan and a i had a lil slot of Jejak Kasih wef my unknown couzin Mitui (nick name). Still, I'm happy to know that i had pinay relatives around Keningau. We ends up at The Quan Yin Tample and Hill's View Resort for fotoshoot that evening. Many thank for Tompinai Paladius aka. Niit as he patiently becoming our beloved driver.
Dogoes started his day wef lamme smile...
My 1st time meeting wef Nit@Paladius 
Today is kung fu breakfast
Menu for the day 
A visit to my cousin house 
My cousin Mitui, me & Uncle
The road to my "Rescue"
My 2nd wife's
Coincidence Nit millage oso the same...
The fruit ABC before Dim Sum...  
And after 
Also had the opportunity meeting my so called granny, my daddy uncle.
Boss.. mau servise ka..?? 10 cent style!!
Ni kes buang tebiat nie...Wakaka
Akung, Nit@Paladius & Me
Retarded faces again
I'm flying without wing's 
Love this possed wef the sky view
Nit@Paladius in his sentimental looks
And Again we ate ending the day. Hmmm.. Bak Ku Tea..nyum nyum nyum

It tell's me that we really hungry..Hahaha

p/s: Will be continue.

Day 11, 29.12.2008. Going back to KK to fetching my buddy Dr. Sinsang Kline at terminal 1 MAS airport at 8.30pm. He's finished his study in Chinese Traditional Alternative Medicine in Guang Zhou, China and returned home for good. For ur info, he is good playing his finger. Don't get me wrong, what I mean is he is a moving massager and he can fix you in no time. Hahahaha... Whoever got any muscle or problems like silahau dagu, urat besimpul, or just anything, please do not hasitate to call him. Letter I'll give you more info bout what he do kay guys. We end the day at Jr. house, Penampang. Attending that night was Jr, West, Gidong, Tompok, Bobby, Mesh, Me & Kline. Lumis still at her kampung... Taaaaapun. We sang and we drank and oso testing Jr's new GMB sound system.

Suka ba si sinsang..wakaka

Waiting for turn to sing

Si mesh nda perna nampak urang ensem...wakaka
Half cook for everyone... Mesh, Kline, Bobby, Godong & Me.

Day 12. Feel uncomfortable when received call from my office. Don't they know that I'm on holiday. I wonder how they felt if I called them during their holidays? Just spoiling my mood for the day sit at home and typing papers and budget report online from home. Lucky them coz i brought my broadband wef me.

p/s: Will be continue.

My rambling begins. Part 5. - Home Again.  

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28.12.2008, It's day ten of my vacation. Resting at home detoxicating my body from alcohol is all i need and spending my time wef my folks from the raising till the down. Taking time writing my report and oso preparing my annual budget online. Then checking my x'mas presents, wonder what i get this year from my... Hehehe.. Guess what guys..??

I get a Cowboy Hat...

The life as a kampung cowboy. Horse? ran away dunno where..

My hat flew

Everywhere wef my cowboy hat

Even my mum can't ran away from me.. hehehe

View at the back yard

The pineapple wef it own hat...

I found a retarded pineapple

There must be some DNA problem wef this pineapple

Sneak view

The Citrus

Home sweet home...

p/s: Will be continue.