Rainy evening... I still remember...  

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At home now alone waiting for the rain to stop. Boiling water for coffee then tryin to relax my mind then suddenly one by one all those childhood memories passed my head. Quickly went into my room n grabs those old album of mine. Pages by pages, I'm tryin to recall back the story behind the picture. I tried to remember how many memories i have left behind my days.

I still remember i born naked (censored). I think i was few month old. Bulat kan mata sa..? Kekeke. My mum ever told me when i just born my weight is about 2 kg's. Just a few month i really grow chubby.

I still remember everybody love me.

I still remember I'm havin a sun bath, luckyly i didn't burn. This one taken just in front my old house.

I still remember I walk my 1st step watched by my 1st sister. See my face, nearly cry already.

I still remember we balik kampung... My dad bought a Toyota Crown... Yeahhhh.

I still remember my 1st bicycle. This pic taken at Keningau, but i for got the name of the kampong.

I still remember posing together wef my siblings. I'm the fourth but I'm the 1st man in the house.

I still remember that sometimes, i felt alone.

I still remember i had a cute girlfriend. Tingguk, sa mengurat di bawah kulung lagi ba...

I still remember i dated her the next day at tangga blakang ruma... Wakakaka...

I still remember my dad bring me jalan2 and he took this picture. LoL.. I laugh my self when i see this one.

I still remember "Blacky" my best doggy ever. He died to became pusas.

I still remember i helping my 3rd sis kasi makan ayam. Come on Chicky..Chicky.. Come to papa.. LoL.

I still remember when all of you were busy preparing me a birthday party. I still remember i was 7 that time and it was a best party and the last one as i recall.

I still remember when i was 4, i started to be naughty. I climb every trees, playing tapuk-tapuk, but most of the time i only play wef my sibling coz our house is a bit far from others.

I still remember when my mom shout "Jerrrrrrrry, jangaaaaaan lari jauh-jauuuuuh!!!!" which i i ran anyway. Then my mom irritate wef my stubborn but still, she handle me wef care, hugs n kisses and full wef love.

I still remember when one time my 1st sis pulling my ears coz i playin dirt and i cried then my dad give a spank on my sis bottom and say "don't pull ur lil brother like that!!!" then i make a funny face mengulu my sis... Hahaha. Soo naughty of me during my childhood.

I still remember when I'm havin a fever and my 1st, 2nd and 3rd sis looking after me turn by turn.

I still remember when I'm having a cut and my dad carrying to the clinic.

How i wish if i can turn back to those time, no worries, no responsibilities to handle, no problems. Full wef caring and love's.



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"Bernadine Healy, in a commencement address, gave this counsel: 'As a physician, who has been deeply privileged to share the most profound moments of people's lives including their final moments, let me tell you a secret. People facing death don't think about what degrees they have earned, what positions they have held, or how much wealth they have accumulated. At the end, what really matters is who you loved and who loved you. That circle of love is everything, and is a great measure of a past life. It is the gift of greatest worth."

Thomas S. Monson, Ensign, Nov 2000, 64-66

Just Till Today  

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Huhuhu... Been so long didn't update my blog due to busy doing this and that. Banyak juga la komplen dari kawan2 suru update but still busy rite now. Ini pun update sambil2 ready for my expenses performance report 2008 and preparation for budget planing 2009.

Yesterday, before i went jogging at the permaisuri lake, i bumped wef 1 of my old school friend nearby my apartment. He kebetulan limpas mo balik from visiting his family near by. Since we didn't meet like 10 year, so like usual la chit chat panjang tapi skijap. Then, sumthin funny when he ask me my marriage life. Hell yeah! Do i look like I'm married? Woi... Jan kasi jatuh saham sia bah... I purposely passed that question and tried to changed other topik but failed. "Errm...sia dingar ko da kawin ngan si ehem..ehem..." What..? (can you repeat that question?). Dari mana lagi korang dapat crita sang kancil ngan kerbau nie..?? When i told him that I'm still single, he surprise! Why he need to be surprised huh? It no harm of being single what. Just not my time yet. All i can say is "TIME WILL TELL"

Today, i only slept like 1 hour. really can't sleep so i layan my cartoon netwok on Astro till the cartoon watch me. Huhuhu..Woke up by my alarm and ready to work. Reached my office early today. Another funny story when i punch my card early than usual. Then the guard came greet and asked me if I'm coming to report duty (enchek.. pejabat bukak jam 8.00 pagi.. sekarang takder orang lagi)... Do i look like a newbie..?? Wakaka... Soo nice the guard... He's a new guard in my department actually and he never saw me during day time. Hahaha.

Step into my office then recieced a memo wanted me to join a budget meeting today. I just see through it once and i see the number 11 so i assume the meeting was on 11am. I really forgot today is 11th November. So, again i rust attending the meeting. lucky they wait for me.. cheeh..cam orang penting plaa.. After meeting, back to my office n recieved a text from my X marah me coz i havent send her things back to KK... Spoiled my mood la kijap. She said i keep quiet, then i wonder apa juga sa mo bising? I stand alone now and contineu my journey as what i wish. I've no more to against you and i just wishing you the best beside your new soul mate.

Chat wef Ellen, she calm me down. thanks so much Ellen.......

Wokay, enough for today... sambung kerjaaaaaaa.....


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“I was sitting behind two teenage girls on a bus. One of them was upset because her parents couldn’t afford to buy a dress she had wanted. She didn’t really like her second choice. ‘Then Mom was upset because I didn’t say thank you,’ she complained. ‘I don’t know what she expected me to say thank you for!’ Ungrateful child, I thought. Not long after that, I began pondering the promise of ‘a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it’ (3 Ne. 24:10). Although I had been paying my tithing and fulfilling my other obligations, I did not feel overwhelmed with blessings. In fact, I felt that I had little to be grateful for. Suddenly, my experience on the bus flashed through my mind. I, too, had been an ungrateful child. First as a trickle and then increasing to a torrent, there came to me a powerful awareness of the blessings I had received. From tiny everyday blessings to the great blessing of the Atonement, the gifts God had given me were both abundant and wondrous. The windows of heaven had been open all the time. I just hadn’t noticed.”

Carolyn Wright, Tambuli, Nov 1994, 11


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"We cannot call back time that is past, we cannot stop time that now is, and we cannot experience the future in our present state. Time is a gift, a treasure not to be put aside for the future but to be used wisely in the present."

Thomas S. Monson, Ensign, Nov 2000, 64-66